Scenic Art

Textural and Sculptural 

  • Macy's Christmas Window 2014 with Standard Transmission / Ice Giants  CATS on Broadway Prop Oversize Balls  FSD Dinosaur Repair
  • Moon ornaments for Macy's 2014 Space-themed Christmas windows  Macy's 2014  and 2015 Flower Show Macy's 2014 Textured moon and hand-painted buildings, floats, and reindeer
Faux Finishes

  • Rusted metal treatment for Pericles at Theatre For a New Audience Cosmetic Brick Repair Faux Marble for David Monn dance floor
  • Distressed metal treatment for Greg Lauren runway show  Faux Gold Leaf Romeo and Juliet/ PCPA 2012/Design - DeAnne Kennedy
  •  Faux Rust for Macy's Flower Show  Aging for The Humans Stained Glass/ She Loves Me / Heritage Theatre Festival 2011/ Design- Jeff Kmeic



  • Macy's Murals  My Fair Lady for Heritage Theatre Festival 2011/ Design- Bill Clark  Hominid - Theater Emory
  •  Dry Pigment Study at Cobalt Studios Cobalt Studio Pneumatic Spraying Seminar 2014 4x4 Cobalt Studio Pneumatic Spraying Seminar 2014 4x4
  • Vogue and Target event NYFW2015 11x6 Bessie's Big Shot - Swedish Cottage Theatre, NYC- Design-Valerie Light



  • Oh Hello on Broadway Pericles Humans on Broadway
  •  Les Liaisons Dangereuses And a Nightingale Sang / Scenic Charge - Westport Country Playhouse / Photo and Design by Kristen Robinson The Liar / Scenic Charge/ Westport Country Playhouse / Design and Photo by Kristen Robinson
  •  Raisin in the Sun at Westport Country Playhouse Robert Wilson's 'Zinnias