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From a uniquely crafted private lesson to a team-building exercise for you and your colleagues, the perfect class is right here. 

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Sip + Paint

Book a relaxing session of painting with me. 

This class is intended for all skill levels and is ideal for families, couples, and people looking to unwind. 
Classes are step by step and generally last about an hour and a half. You will also have access to a recording of the class after the session. All skill levels welcomed!


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Collage Self- Portrait

Express yourself with unconventional materials and create a custom portrait. No art supplies? No problem! All you need is a glue gun, scissors, and a collection of objects that you find beautiful or interesting. We will do a little self-reflection and a lot of exploration!

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Aging Techniques

Join me to create a vintage picture frame (well, faux-vintage).

Learn aging techniques to distress furniture and to enhance your own artwork! Some topics we will cover include creating a crackled paint finish on a budget, methods for creating rust, and general techniques for weathering your surface in a believable way.

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Color Expression

Inject a little color into your life with this class on Color Expression! 

This class is a mixture of learning, discussion, journaling, and collage. We will take a look at color theory and we will evaluate how color is used in art, advertising, interior design, and more. We will also explore our own associations with color and we will get our creativity flowing with some art exercises.

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Succulent Collage

In this class, we will create a whimsical composition using simple collage techniques. We will learn how to choose the the right colors to make your collage pop! We will also practice making making simple shapes into a more complex image. This class is suitable for all levels.

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Want to draw but don't know where to start?

I can create a custom curriculum based on your skill level and area of interest. We will break down how to convey shape, light, and composition at a pace that is perfect for you.

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I have no prior painting experience whatsoever.  I had always wanted to try, but was intimidated.  I’ve been taking Megan’s virtual painting classes almost weekly since the pandemic started and I really look forward to them.  Her classes have been a bright light during some pretty dark days. 

I love Megan’s classes because she makes creating art easily accessible to absolute beginners like me.  Her classes are fun and she chooses an interesting variety of subjects and scenes to paint each week.  Megan is always encouraging and supportive of her students’ work.    You don’t need fancy expensive paints and brushes to take Megan’s classes.  You only need a desire to create and have fun!

 - Joy R., Attorney, Brooklyn NY

"Megan's classes are super great!  I've taken a lot of remote art classes since co-vid started, and for the most part they're not as good as in-person classes, but Megan's really exceed expectations.  They're a blend of some learning, some sharing and a whole lot of art making done step-by-step.  I totally put my finished pieces on our fridge."

- Pam R. , New Haven CT

"Megan is a good teacher: she comes to class prepared, she makes the material we're covering easy to understand, and her instructions for the hands-on portion are always clear. I always leave class feeling like I learned something and had a good time doing it."

-Mia C, Brooklyn

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