I worked on this project as a producer for Standard Transmission Productions. We were contracted through Macy's to build the iconic Holiday Windows.‚Äč My job was to manage the budget, timeline, and follow through for the rendering and concepts, architectural designs, fabrication, installation, and strike. Its a huge project that involves 50+ artists and thousands of hours of labor!

For these windows, we created Sunny the Snowpal, an adorable snow-astronaut on a quest to help repair Santa's malfunctioning sleigh and save Christmas! Sunny became so popular, she was even made into a plush toy AND a parade balloon in the 2018 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

Additionally, the 2018 windows featured an interactive video game that actually made the set pieces move! This cutting-edge game engaged more than 30,000 players during its 6-week runtime. 

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